Generative series released on fxhash (Feb 12th 2023).

What do we leave behind?

Type: (Long form) Generative art
Created: Nov 2022 - Feb 2023
# Outputs: 377
Details: (soon)
NFT (fxhash): Fossilium @fxhash

(below are some test outputs)

Nothing truly vanishes in nature, nor does anything arise from nothing.

According to the Law of Conservation of Matter, the total amount of matter in a closed system stays constant over time, only changing its form. Some living creatures have been luckier than others, as we can still find remnants of organisms from millions of years ago, serving as silent witnesses to mankind’s flourishing.

Yet, the human race is exploiting the planet at an unprecedented pace. We are depleting its resources, polluting its atmosphere, producing hazardous materials, disrupting the natural balance of all things. We are causing harm while still expecting the earth to nurture and delight us.

We’re just a small dot on the timeline, and yet so much damage has been done.

Through this project, I humbly attempt to create imitations of fossils and other forms of natural matter. These made up forms may appear attractive, reminding us of nature, but what emotion would they evoke in a natureless world, built of concrete, iron, and plastic?

What do we leave behind?